Topics of Interest

Open Source Enterprise Software and Solutions

  • Open source software for private and public clouds
  • Migration to open source software
  • Open source software in Development and Operation tasks
  • Scalability, reliability and security of FLOSS
  • Container technologies and solutions
  • Case studies and success stories

FLOSS as innovation

  • Adoption / use / acceptance of FLOSS
  • Publishing / dissemination / redistribution of FLOSS systems
  • Expanding scientific research and technology development methods through openness
  • Adopting innovation in FLOSS projects

FLOSS practices and methods

  • FLOSS and traditional / agile development methods
  • FLOSS and decentralized development
  • Knowledge and documentation management in FLOSS

FLOSS technologies and applications

  • Security of FLOSS
  • Interoperability / portability / scalability of FLOSS
  • Open standards / open data / open cloud / open hardware
  • Reuse in FLOSS
  • Architecture and design of FLOSS
  • FLOSS for entertainment
  • FLOSS for education
  • FLOSS in the public sector
  • FLOSS in new Technologies (IoT, Wearables, AR, etc.)

Economic / organizational / social issues of FLOSS

  • Economic analysis of FLOSS
  • Business models for FLOSS
  • Maturity models for FLOSS
  • FLOSS intellectual property, copyrights and licensing
  • Non-Governmental Organizations and FLOSS

Integrating communities

  • Challenges of building and maintaining open source communities
  • Organization and interaction schemes in open source communities
  • Models and classification schemes of communities
  • Mining data from open source communities
  • Experience reports and lessons about integrating communities